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Aids for Balance and Mobility

There are a number of reasons why balance and mobility are critical for seniors.  Issues with balance limits your ability to perform activities of daily living and is very dangerous. And a lack of mobility can lead to problems aside from limiting your ability to perform activities of daily living and loss of freedom of movement.  For example, it can cause depression that can ultimately lead to a shorter life expectancy.  Mobility issues associated with chronic conditions and lack of physical activity also increases the likelihood of your becoming more disabled.  Whether you need full mobility assistance or just a helping hand, below is  information to help you make an education selection(s).

While exercise programs and physical activity can help you stay more flexible and improve your balance, the body is not designed to last forever.  But worry not. Use of mobility aids can help you maintain some freedom of movement, reduce the likelihood of being depressed, and even allow you to save energy for specially designed exercise program for those restricted to use of mobility aids.


There are some indications that social pressure and perceived stigma deter mobility aid use, particularly in minority populations.  The benefits of mobility aids for seniors with difficulty walking include reducing the potential risk of a fall, enhancing one’s confidence, and increasing your autonomy.  Yet many who would benefit from using mobility aids do not use them.

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Canes for Improving Balance

Canes are the simplest form of walking aid. You hold a can in your hand and transmit your weight to the floor through a shaft.  Another added benefit of canes is improved mobility and speed. Canes help you maintain your balance, walk with more confidence and help relieve tension on your joints and bones.  It seems odd but canes can also make you walk faster but the added support will help propel you up steep inclines and steady you when you are going downhill. There are a number of cane designs to fulfill your needs.  Find some canes at the below highly rated product provider.

  • Elder Depot
    • Folding Cane – These mobility devices come in fashionable designs and conveniently folds for ease of storage when not in use
    • Quad Cane – Provide the added stability needed by users, is great for stairs, and you can let it go for hands on activities without finding a place to prop our cane!

Products to Assist with Aging

  •  The Medical Supply Depot.com
    • Single Point Cane –  A simple cane is great to have in different rooms and in the car to grab and go needs
    • Seat Cane – for those who wish to minimize use of equipment but may need a quick place to sit for a few minutes
    • Folding Cane – the perfect option for use and stow
    • Quad Cane – provides added stability and can stand on its own when you need free use of your hands



Transport Chair

A transport chair is a wonderful product for those who have good days and bad days.  The transport chair was one of the most important products Dad used regularly.  You may not be dependent upon a wheelchair but occasionally need something more than a  cane or even a walker.  If you need a quick rest or have a temporary loss of balance, with a transport chair, such as a Rollator, you can stop and sit.  You have four wheel mobile flexibility and it is easy to fold, store, and carry.  I highly recommend the Duet Transport Chair and Rollator.  It is the perfect device for overall mobility aid needs.  The Rollator, and other transport chair designs, can be found at the below highly rated provider(s).  Other transport chair design are also available.  The vendors also offer other rolling walkers with various features to meet your specific needs.

Electric Wheelchair and Electric Scooter

You may be in a position where full mobility assistance is needed on a continual basis, but you still want to maintain your freedom.   You may decide that either an electric wheelchair or an electric scooter resolves your mobility issues.

Electric Wheelchair — An electric wheelchair  is more compact, has some ability to be disassembled for storing and transporting, and has a tighter turning radius than an electric scooter.  It also has a joystick that provides more flexibility in stature to operate. And electric wheelchairs are also usually less expensive than scooters.

Electric Scooter  Electric scooters have their own advantages. They are more rugged and faster than electric wheelchairs which is an advantage if you are more regularly involved in outside activities. They can carry more weight than electric wheelchairs, which usually have a 250 lbs. maximum. And it is easier to get in and out of than an electric wheelchair.  Stay active and involved with an electric scooters or electric wheelchair.  These mobility aids have become increasingly popular, especially for those with an extensive mobility limitation.

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  • Wheelchair

    If you need full mobility assistance but are looking for something easy to transport, a traditional wheelchair may be the product for you.  Be sure to look at Medicare Coverage of Mobility Aids to determine whether some or all of your cost is covered.  Find some quality products at the retailers below.

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    • The Medical Supply Depot.com – They offer many styles including the Wildcat folding power wheelchair that is surprisingly lightweight, highly maneuverable power wheelchair that holds up to 300 lbs.  If you prefer a manual wheelchair, the Blue Streak BLS18FBD-SFA Mobile classic.

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