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Angel Care Services

SS Angel Care IconFinding it more difficult to do what used to be easy?  Make the decision and concentrate on what matters, enjoying your life!  Avoid facing separation from your loved one in traditional progressive care facilities and Age in Place.  SeniorString Angel Care can help you stay in your own home!  Family members can be involved too!  Password protected access to client dashboard and pictures, option for Skype calls, along with coordination of recommendations and activities.  Angel Care is a non-medical home care service.

We tailor services based on individual needs.   SeniorString Angel Care provides ease of mind to seniors or those needing help and to families who are geographically separated or otherwise unable to provide the desired level support.  24/7 status available on client portal.

If you live in the Huntsville or Madison, Alabama general area, Call 256-337-0562 for a free estimate and experience the freedom and relief of knowing you and/or your family member have the support they need to Age in Place.

Service contract includes privacy and data access terms and conditions to protect you and/or your loved ones.  Our primary concern is you and helping everyone who has the desire to Age in Place in with the help loving and dependable support.

Available Services:


  • Filters
  • Battery replacement
  • Security system and fire alarm checks
  • Light house cleaning
  • Set up service calls – lawn, car, pet, HVAC, chimney, gutters, pest control,
  • Appliance cleaning/disinfecting
  • General faucet and toilet bowl maintenance
  • General home structure monitoring
  • Apply treatment insects

Basic Training and Trouble Shooting

  • Computer/tablet
  • Cell Phone
  • Smart home devices
  • Television/Equipment
  • Home phone services
  • Appliances


  • Appliance monitoring
  • Lighting enhancement and maintenance
  • Safety detectors
  • General home safety monitoring
  • Ease of use devices
  • Food and staple assessment
  • Outdoor pathway clearing
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance
  • Emergency kits maintenance
  • Hygiene assessment


  • Insurance issues
  • Set up Bill Pay
  • Banking – checkbook, deposits
  • Assistance with ordering merchandise
  • Budget assistance
  • Help with record keeping for taxes


  • List, order, pick-up, delivery and store groceries
  • Set-up & maintain meal delivery services
  • Set-up transportation needs
  • Tag keys, purse, other items with finder tabs

Personal Care

  • Equipment check and coordination with suppliers/medical professionals
  • Prescription fulfillment monitoring
  • Set up medication reminders
  • Monitor and order home care supplies
  • Track and maintain medical, dental and eye appointment calendar
  • Assist with foot and oral general care
  • Maintain medication, procedure & doctor records


  • Maintain integrated daily calendar
  • Special date tracking/gifts/mailing
  • Coordinate with family and maintain client portal
  • Maintain package of critical documents (NRO/Living Will/Financial accounts/policies/SSN/PO Box/Safety Deposit attorney contact information,..)
  • Assist in set-up & maintenance of smart home devices
  • Travel planning assistance
  • Special dietary recipe options
  • Home organization
  • Social activities planning
  • Physical activity and therapy planning and scheduling assistance
  • Assist packing for a move
  • Set up day care as needed
  • Assist in final care planning and arrangements

If you have other needs, let me know by calling 256-337-0562 and I will try to accommodate your specific needs.