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Best Deals to Save Time and Money

save time and moneyMoney saving ideas are endless to save time and save money.  And if you ask your friends and family, they probably have their own ideas on how to save time and save money.  The point is, you can implement some very easy steps to save both time and money.  And you can find opportunities for home craft projects and decorating ideas at the same time!  Below you will find a large list of money saving ideas that others have found useful and fun.

Altoids tins Make small emergency kits for camping or to keep in your car; basic sewing kits for college kids.
Aluminum cans Make them into lanterns – cut the bottom off and set a candle under the can. Cut some decorations into the can or create designs by poking a nail through the sides of the can.
An old garden hose Make a soaker hose – poke holes throughout, seal off other end, lay in garden; bucket handle,
Automobile Tires Lay an old tire on the ground and fill it with dirt for a flower garden. They make great bumpers too.
Baby jars Use them as votive candle holders; storing spices or seeds.
Bags Plastic grocery bags can be reused when traveling to pack shampoos and other liquids you are worried about spilling in your luggage. Reuse paper grocery bags to create wrapping paper you can decorate.
Baking Soda Add a pinch or two of baking soda to your shampoo once a week to remove product buildup.
Bath Mat Use a worn out bath mat to make a floor mop. Fold the mat (fluffy side out) to fit the floor part of your mop. Secure with pins or self-stick velcro. The mop can be washed in the   washing machine after use.  Bathmats are also great to line the bottom of closets or donating to animal shelters for pen mats.
Beer bottle caps Use small magnets and some glue at a craft store and make custom refrigerator magnets.
Berry Basket Place small, washable items, such as baby bottle nipples or caps, in a plastic berry basket. Place another berry basket on top of this one, so that their tops touch, then   secure them shut with a rubber band. Place the basket on the top shelf of   your dishwasher and wash the items without losing them.
Compost Bin Throw eggshells and old   tea bags in a using a compost bin. This waste degrades and turns into compost   that can be used to help your garden grow.Make you own compost for your garden with a compost Bin
Butter / Yogurt / Sour   Cream Containers Wash out used food containers and use them for food storage. The smaller containers are the perfect size for storing individually portioned leftovers, ready to grab for   lunch the next day.  You can also make them a part of craft time by poking holes, decorating or making it into a storage container for sequins or glitter.
Candle Glass Jar When you’re finished with an old candle, clean out the wax. The lid is usually airtight so it makes the perfect storage container for everything from cotton balls to rice. You can   even melt the extra wax, pour it into old tea light tins and add wicks to   make new candles.
Cans A clean small tuna can doubles great as a pin cushion. Decorate the outside before placing something soft like a small sponge inside to stick the pins into. Another nice use for the tuna can is as a storage space for scrub pads that are used on dishes.
Car Wax Use car wax to lubricate the hinges of garden shears and scissors
Cardboard Beer Holder A six-pack holder can become convenient condiment tote for your next picnic.
Cardboard Boxes You can cut cardboard boxes into manageable flat pieces and use them to cushion breakable things or for file dividers in old file cabinets.
Carpet Remnants Deaden sound by lining   the bottom of your pots and pans cupboard with unused carpet. It will also prevent scraping and damage to the pans. Slide pieces of carpet pile-side down underneath the legs of a bureau, bed, or dresser, to use as a slide for ease in pushing it across the   floor.
Carrier bags and twist   ties Carrier bags can be reused in the shops or as bin bags around the house. Paper bags make useful wrapping paper and twist ties can be used to secure loose items together, such as computer wires.
Cast-Iron Pan Any skillet hanging on a kitchen wall makes a great magnetic spot to display recipes, notes and phone numbers. Don’t forget to remove these items before you use your skillet for cooking.
CD Cases Protect young seedlings and provide a growing environment by making a small greenhouse. Simply attach the CD cases together to form a cube with a small bead of glue. Leave one so that you can form the top edge of the greenhouse and be able to open it.  They can make one-of-a-kind drink coasters (paint, cover with paper, etc).
Charcoal Place charcoal, in open bowls or perforated plastic bags, in your fridge or drawers to banish odors.
Clothing Save old jeans to cut into patches for newer jeans. Sweat pants and shirts can be used outside in the winter to wrap around plants that need extra protection from the   cold.  Old hats, shoes and jewelry make fun dress-up attire for kids.  Old clothes can also be made into other textile items such as cushion covers or  teapot cosies.
Coffee Cans You can take the coffee label off the side, and then stick your own label on. And now you have a great place to store monthly bills or important papers.
Coffee Cups Coffee cups make wonderful plant holders, or you can fill them with candy and place the cup right onto of your desk.
Coffee Filters Spray panes with glass cleaner, then wipe away with a doubled-up coffee filter. No lint, no streaks.
Coffee Grinds Instead of buying expensive lotions, rub the used grinds which still have caffeine on the affected cellulite areas, and the caffeine will help increase circulation which helps tighten and smooth the skin. The grinds also act as an exfoliant. This is obviously a different type of coffee recipe than what you may be used to, but it works!  Used coffee grounds are great for compost, and to dye clothing.  You can also give seedlings a nitrogen boost by stirring grounds into   soil or a watering can.
Cookie Cutters Cookie cutters can be reused into Christmas ornaments adorned with pretty Christmas ribbons.
Corks Slice old wine corks into thin disks and glue them onto the inside corners of cabinets. The cork will muffle any slamming cabinet door sound and protect he beauty of your wood   cabinets. Or, attach a cork to boat keys, and you won’t ever have to worry   about losing them when you’re out on the water. Use some to make a stylish wreath for your front door. You could also make an actual cork board to hold messages and   important pieces of paper. Make a wine cork board by gluing this slices on a board to hang and stick notes and pictures on.  Soaked in alcohol, they make a good fire-starter.
Crocheted Blanket If you have an old or falling apart crocheted blanket, just unravel the yarn and crochet something new.
Detergent bottles Fill old detergent squeeze bottles with water. Use them to water your plants, clean your floor or fill your iron.
Dish Soap Bottles Use an old, thoroughly cleaned dish soap bottle (or any squeeze bottle) to dole out a perfect amount of pancake batter onto a hot griddle. You can also use a squeeze bottle as a convenient way to fill an iron with water or water out-of-the-way plants.
Dryer Lint You can scatter dryer lint outside so birds and animals can use it for nesting material.
Dryer Sheets Freshen up a room or drawer is used dryer sheets. Just place them where ever you want to freshen up the room every time you do the laundry.
Egg Cartons Used egg cartons are excellent for freezing individual portions of all kinds of things — cookie   dough batter, meatballs, homemade herb-butter patties. You could also use the cartons as convenient Jell-O molds for fun treats. They’re also a great way to start seedlings for your garden. And if you have enough, use the cartons to store golf balls or organize change.  Egg cartons also make great paint easels and bead sorters.
Envelopes By sticking labels over the address you can reuse envelopes. Alternatively, old envelopes can be used as scrap paper to make notes on.
Film canister Cut a slit in the side and you have a holder for a roll of stamps.
Flatware And Utensils Use old or pitted serving pieces in your potting shed or garden. A fork work just like a mini-tiller for small container projects, and a spoon makes a great small shovel for   planting seedlings or uprooting stubborn weeds. Keep an old measuring cup in your potting soil or fertilizer and you’ll never have to worry about getting the right amount again.
Floor Tiles Make a beautiful piece of mosaic art. Gather up unused remnant tiles (or ask for some from your local home-improvement store), break carefully into pieces in a cloth bag, and arrange in a pattern on any solid surface. Adhere with floor-tile adhesive, and use a putty knife to push grout into the cracks after the adhesive dries. Wipe excess grout away with a damp cloth before it sets. You can also make a mosaic table or use large tiles to make an old tabletop new. Smaller tiles can be used for trivets.Art projects including a mosaic with tile are perfect for reuse and going green
Foam Packing Peanuts Pour peanuts into a large pot and add soil to boost drainage and make it easier to move.
Fork Use as a metal brush comb to clean your paintbrush to get between the bristles and whisking out every last drop of paint.
Gift Wrap Use old gift wrap to cover a plain ordinary cardboard box, and then fill it with things like office folders. Or make a decorative bread box to store loaves of bread inside. You can also make book covers, and origami projects.
Glass bottles Pick up a light bulb fixture and you have a new lamp; can be used for vases, decorative grass holders.
Grass Cycling After mowing your lawn, instead of throwing the grass cuttings away, leave them in your garden. The nutrients from the cuttings go back into the soil and act as a fertilizer.
Hard Candy Wrappers You can make a candy wrapper wreath out of wrappers. You take a foam craft ring, and flattened candy wrappers and a crochet needle. And then take one candy wrapper, place the crochet needle tip in the middle of the wrapper and poke the wrapper right into the craft foam. Do this until the whole wreath is covered with candy wrappers. Add a nice ribbon bow and you have a beautiful wreath for any   wall.
Inflatables Use small inflatables into brightly colored lights – insert a lamp kit into the air release nozzle of the inflatable and rest the light bulb on the inside.
Ironing Board Covers An old non-stick ironing board cover will make great pot holders, barbecue mitts, or hot pads. Cut out the shape you want and sew together (right sides facing) on your sewing   machine. Turn and press. Turn under a small hem on the bottom and sew in hem.
Jars and Containers Use glass jars to make individual iced teas or other drinks. The containers are portable and   re-sealable to store in the refrigerator when you’ve had enough.  You can use them to mix up pancake batter of all things. You place all the pancake ingredients into the jar, screw on   the lid and then shake the jar until all the contents are all mixed up for   cooking and then storing leftover batter.  Wash glass jars and accompanying lids and reuse them to store small items such as buttons or loose change. In the kitchen you can store dry beans, bulk tea or spices in reused glass jars. Yogurt and other plastic   containers can be washed and reused for storing leftover food.
Jeans Old jeans are great to make into soda can covers, change purses, and sunglass cases.  You cal also cut up and sew into squares full of padding to make pot holders.
Ketchup Bottle Reuse an ordinary squeeze ketchup bottle to make no-mess pancakes. Wash thoroughly, pour in batter, then squeeze out precise pancake portions.
Key Protectors Cover your pets tags with rubber key protectors to eliminate jingling on their collar.
Kitchen Sinks Old Kitchen sinks can be placed outside and used to clean really dirty things like dirt on the bottom of boots, gardening tools or rinse really dirty laundry.
Magazines Magazines can be used as packing material, or even to line animal cages.
Mailing tubes ut several of them to the same length, assemble into a wine rack.
Mayonaise Coat mayo on crayon doodles on surfaces covered with scrubbable paint. After a few minutes, wipe off the mayo and crayon marks with a damp cloth.
Milk Jugs Can be used to carrying clothespins, or store small cleaning items to carry from room to room. Simply cut a hole in the front of the jug, leaving the handle intact.  Or, by cutting off the top of an empty milk jug, you can make a handy disposable funnel from the spout. Especially good to use when changing the oil in your car.
Mini-Blind Slats Use a slat to mask off molding when brushing on paint along the outer edges of walls.
Mugs Place plants inside of chipped mugs. Mugs can house smaller plants and fit on your windowsill.
Newspaper For a fireplace or woodstove, take a whole newspaper and tightly roll into a tube and then tape the edges. These newspaper logs burn quite slowly almost like piece of   wood.  The paper also makes useful packing material when moving house or to store items. You can also shred the paper for litter in the cages of small animals.  Newspaper can serve as filler when mailing packages and as a layer of mulch in your   garden.  You can use the comics as wrapping paper.
Seedling Trays Use in drawers or on your workbench to sort and store nuts, bolts, nails, and odds and ends.
Oven Heat On a chilly night, keep your oven cracked open as it cools down after you are done making dinner to heat up the kitchen.
Panty Hose To stop mildew and mold in enclosed areas like plastic storage bins, you can cut the feet off of the pantyhose fill them with Kitty Litter. The Litter will absorb moisture. And   instead of using kitty litter, you can make little sachets filled with potpourri to keep stored items smelling fresh.
Paper Use both sides of printer paper whenever possible to reduce the amount of paper you waste.
Paper Towel Rolls Keep your plastic bags contained by stuffing them in an empty paper towel roll. You can also keep extension cords untangled by rolling them up and putting them through a paper towel roll. You can organize hair bands and hair clips, roll your linens around paper towel rolls to keep them crease-free, or make boot trees so your over-the-knee boots won’t get unsightly creases in them after spending the summer slouched over in the back of your closet.
Peanut Butter Jars Reuse peanut butter jars to store nuts, bolts, nails, cotton balls, or an assortment of nail polish bottles.
Pennies When setting tile, place pennies on end between the corners of each piece for spacers that are easy to remove.
Pickle Jars Pickle Jars can be reused into cookie or herb jars.
Picture Frames Cover the picture insert with a beautiful piece of material and glue cut out shapes in other material onto the insert or even sew on a button display to the fabric.  You can also repurpose an old frame to use as a vanity tray.

A picture frame can be made with loose items around your home

Pie Tins You can use pie tins as paint pans, or even to hold beads and other crafty materials.
Pillow You can use the stuffing from old pillows to reuse a self made throw pillow for the couch. Or you can even use the stuffing to make sparkly snow using spray glitter for craft   projects.
Pillow Case Reuse into laundry bags. All you have to do is fold down the cuff part of the pillow and sew a seam all the way around leaving a two inch opening. Then you string a long piece of rope through the seam and then tie the end with a knot. You can also take   a wooden cross stitch hoop and place it at the case opening to keep your   laundry bag open for easy dirty laundry disposal.
Plastic Bags Wrap and tie a couple of plastic bags around your knees to keep your work grime-free while gardening. Add a few pairs of old socks inside the bags and you’ll have perfectly padded knees for all your garden chores. Many pet owners reuse plastic bags to pick up and dispose of pet waste. If you do not have a pet, donate those plastic bags to dog parks.
Plastic Bottles Use as a watering system for your ground. Cut the bottom of the bottle and keep the lid on. Poke holes on its surface, and then dig it in the ground. It should be 2 inches above. Fill it with water and it will keep the plant roots watered.  They can also be used as kids banks after a nice paint job; a cold pack to be stored in the freezer; with some small holes in it, fill with bird seed and you have a nice bird feeder.
Plastic Dog Food Bags You can fill a pet food bag with soil, cut a couple holes in the top and bottom and then plant plants inside the slits to make a make shift garden.
Plastic Ice cream Bucket Use them for on the spot cleaning bucket.
Plastic Plant Pots Use seedling trays in drawers or on your workbench to sort and store nuts, bolts, nails, and odds and ends.
Plastic TV Dinner Trays Use as disposable dog dishes or as picnic plates.
Plastic Zipper Bag If you have seeds, you can grow them in your window in a plastic baggie.
Rubber Glove Cut off the finger part of the glove, poke a hole in the top of it and place rubber finger onto a bottle of olive oil, salad dressing, or some other liquid you pour onto food.
Rugs Old rugs can be reused to make pet condos, use as automobile floor mats, and when cleaned well make drawer liners.
Sand In a bucket, combine 2 cups of paint with ¾ cup of sand. Use the mixture to coat stair treads; let dry, then top them with a coat of regular paint
Sand boxes Fill old sandboxes with dirt. Plant flowers and vegetables inside the box and you’ve got a raised vegetable or flower bed.
Sandpaper Gently dull the surface of hard-coated seeds, such as peas, cilantro, and lupines, with very-fine-grit paper. This scarification helps seeds absorb water and lures them out of   dormancy.  You can also sharpen shears and scissors.
Sash Chains Slide chain lengths into the bottom hems of the panels to keep them from blowing around.
Sheets Make couch covers, tear up into strips to make a cat toy. You braid strips and then hang the braid on an inside door knob. Now you simply decorate the braid by tying on little cat toys onto the braid.
Shellac After removing dirt and paint drips from hinges, knobs, and pulls, seal the pieces with clear shellac—it will keep brasses from tarnishing too.
Shoe and delivery boxes They can serve as storage containers, file boxes. Make them colorful by wrapping them in printed sheets. Put stick on notes on them as identification tags. Use them for jewellery, threads, ties, etc.  You might also want to use your empty shoe boxes for, well, shoe storage. Take pictures of your inventory and tape them to the outside of the boxes to quickly spot the pair you’re looking for in the closet.
Shoes send to Nike so the rubber can be turned into new playgrounds.
Shower Cap Perfect wrapper for shoes when traveling. The cap prevents dirt from getting on clothes packed in your suitcase.
Shower Curtain Use for drop cloths the next time you paint, cover a trunk when hauling messy items, or cut down into a rain poncho.  Soak an old shower curtain in vinegar and water for several hours to clean it, then use it as a tablecloth for the picnic table, or as a ground sheet under your tent or sleeping bags. It will also make a fast apron for really messy jobs.  Use it to cover the air conditioner during winter.  Another use is as as a   windshield cover to prevent frost buildup. Simply cut the shower curtain to the size of your windshield and hem in magnets to keep the cover in place. The magnets should stick to your car’s metal windshield frame.  You can also use them to cover outside   lawn furniture.
Shower Water Put a bucket in the shower to catch water used while warming and then put it to use elsewhere.  You can use it to water houseplants or your garden, wash dishes, or for hand washing clothes. You can do the same thing in your sink with an empty milk   jug.
Shredded paper Makes great packing   material for shipping gifts; also makes good packing material for when you are moving.
Socks Use to keep small toys organized or to keep odds and ends like screws and paper clips in one convenient location. You could also put old socks over your shoes when doing   something messy.  Feel free to hand them out to maintenance men and repairmen who tromp through your house, too.   As a pet toy — put a tennis ball in one for the dog, or catnip in the cat’s, and sew closed.  You can reuse miss matched socks by making a heating rice bag. These heat bags are very simple to make by filling half the sock with rice and sewing the open end shut. Then you simply microwave your rice bag in the microwave until warm. You can use them as wall cleaning rags since they fit right onto your hand.
Spaghetti jars Decorate them with paint, beads, ribbons, or even pictures and store small items like tea bags, other beads, craft items, or cereal.  You can also use them as small planters around the home.
Sponges Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding soil, to keep water in reserve.
Straw Broom Use for cats to sharpen   claws on the sewn part near the handle or you can use an old broom for holiday decorating scenes.
Tape Make a leveling aid for cooking by attaching the sticky side of a shorter piece of masking tape to the sticky side of a larger piece. Then place the tape across the top of a   container.
Tarps You can make a fun teepee or even a sweat lodge out of old tarps.
Telephone Book Use last year’s telephone book to make a reference file for the car. Cut out maps and frequently called numbers and put them in a folder for easy reference. You can also use old telephone books to add height to decorative table-scapes. Place books on table   in varying heights. Cover with a table cloth. Add knick-knacks to tops of phone books for the decorator-style layered look found in magazines. Works with used books, too.
Tennis Ball Use an old tennis ball for a dog toy or hang on a string from the garage ceiling to mark the parking depth.
Tires You could make a tire-swing or fill with dirt for a flower planter.
Tissue Boxes Use as a trash receptacle in your car or to store and dispense used plastic bags.
Toilet Bowl You can throw in dirt into the bowl and make a flower garden.Planter ideas includes use of unusual items such a toilet and bathtub.
Toilet Paper / Paper   Towel Rolls Stuff the wires from appliances and light fixtures into toilet paper or paper towel rolls to keep them tidy.  They can also serve as an extension cord storage organizer; or stuff with paper and some alcohol to make a fire starter.  For the gardeners, you can use them to plant seeds, and once they’re ready, you can transplant the whole roll into the ground or a planting pot.
Toothbrush They make the perfect grout cleaner when it comes to getting in between tiles for a good scrub.   It’s also a handy tool to throw in the kid’s craft bin for painting.
Towels and rags Reuse them to wash your car, wipe down spills on floors, clean glass and mirrors, or donate them to a shelter, humans and animals could benefit. They can also be cut and sewn to make placements or drink coasters.
T-Shirts Sew them into a pillow (for the man-cave) using the picture on the front of the shirt as the part of the pillow that faces out. Try stuffing cotton or feathers inside for the   stuffing.  You can also just throw them into the dog’s crate or use as dusting and cleaning rags or to wrap breakables when moving.
Vinegar Soak gunked-up nylon   brushes in hot vinegar for up to 30 minutes to remove paint and soften the bristles. Afterward, wash them in hot, soapy water, brushing off paint as   needed, then rinse and let dry.
Vodka Spritz the insides of clothing/shoes with diluted vodka (1 part to 3 part H2O); let dry. No more odor.
Weather stripping Fashion an instant squeegee by affixing a length of self-adhesive D-profile rubber tube   insulation along the edge of a paint scraper.
Window Screen Use a piece of screen as a sieve to uncake powdered grout and remove any lumps before mixing with water.
Wine Bottle Buy oil lamp supplies at any craft store and turn that old wine bottle into a beautiful oil lamp. Feed a 50-light string (get the kind with just one plug) into a hole drilled in a   bottle’s side. We used a ¾-inch tile bit, then enlarged and smoothed the hole with a conical grinding stone.
Wine Carton Use the slots in an empty wine-bottle carton to keep your shoes neat and dust-free. Wrap the carton in decorative paper if desired.
Wood Can be used in woodcrafts for making objects such as a spice rack or a bird table. Alternatively it could be used as firewood.
Zipper Mending Rub an old, stubby candle on a stubborn zipper. The wax creates a smooth surface for the zipper, which often helps it to glide better.

Martha Stewart has some of the same and additional ideas to save time and save money. You can find those money saving ideas at http://www.marthastewart.com/275315/top-50-money-saving-tips/@center/277003/home-smarts#235144.  Another great site for finding cost saving ideas is found at This Old House http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/article/0,,20250928,00.html.    Have fun and you can come up with some of your own money saving ideas.  Share them with us!

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