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shopping mall and store to buy a presentDeciding on an independent living lifestyle where you can age in place at home also means making some changes to ensure your home is safe and  appropriately designed for comfort.  With an increased likelihood of facing age related ailments and limitations, such as hearing loss, impaired vision, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and confusion, it is critical to make some adjustments to your home and/or obtain the products and services needed to assist in balance, mobility, stability, strength, and sensory and hearing loss.   These challenges and resulting safety risks can be addressed to maintain your independence with some planning.  There are also helpful activities for seniors that improve your overall health and ability to accomplish activities of daily living.  And while you are at it, add gifts for seniors on those special occasions that help make their lives easier and more comfortable at home.

Whether your challenges are associated with a medical condition, related to old age, or you just want to make life a little easier, the options are almost endless.  Take a look at the products, gifts for seniors, services and activities for seniors in this section to determine which ones provide the greatest benefit to you.  This section addresses the common limitations that may threaten your independence and highly sought after products and services that mitigate these limitations.  I have even included a great list of gifts for seniors that are not only enjoyable and useful but make life more comfortable.  Just click on the highlighted text to be linked directly to a site where you can the the item(s) or service(s) of your choice.


Products for Aging Gracefully

products for seniors aging in place, or independent living, include household products, medical supplies for home health care, and mobility aidsTimes have certainly changed. Progress in fighting disease, designing products for home health care, and understanding the dangers that need to be addressed at home has led to a sharp increase in your ability to age at home. For an independent individual, even the slightest changes in physical ability can be extremely frustrating. And then, when researching options for home care aids, most of the products seem like they are designed for hospitals or nursing homes. But you can find some attractive products for seniors who want to age in place, maintain their independence, and keep home feeling like home. New elder care products are designed with input and feedback from the very group they are intended to serve, seniors living independently who have chosen to age at home. The issue is that seniors, and their families, might not know where to find these more attractive items. Senior Strategy, Resources, Information and Guides has the goal to connect senior who need and want the products with high quality suppliers.

Household Products

General/Personal Products

There are many general household products that can make life at home safe, comfortable, and easier to manage.  Keep your independence by selecting the items that work best for your personal needs.   You can find a wide variety of such items at the quality merchandisers below.

  • Organize.com – Home organization and storage, offering products to help seniors store and reach the items they need more easily. Suggestions include:
    • Under Cabinet Roll Out Shelf
    • Deluxe Chrome Canned Food Storage Rack
    • Vegetable Bin Organizer by Knape & Vogt®



  • Get Organized– seniors store and reach items more easily. Suggestions include:
    • Sliding and Expanding Cabinet Drawer
    • Expandable Chrome Kitchen Shelf
    • Roll Out Shelf
    • 18 Bottle Spice Stack
    • Laundry Caddy
    • Over Door Shoe Rack

Top Selling products from Get Organized

  • Shop for Eldercare Products, 25% off select itemsElder Depot– General home care products. Recommendation, based on specific needs, include:
    • Independence Bed Rail Table
    • EZ Chair Table
    • Cordless Alarm Monitor Unit, Fall, and Departure Warning System
    • Inflatable Shampoo Tray
    • Premium Seat Rizer With Removable Arms
    • Wheelchair Cup and Mug Holder
    • Deluxe Sock and Stocking Aid
    • Handle-Easy 321RC Universal Remote Control
    • Clearsounds A400 Comob: Amplified Talking Cordless Phone with Extension Handset Bundle
    • Large Print USB Keyboard with High Contrast Print
    • Extra Wide Talking Scale
    • Swivel Wheelchair Tray
  • If matching clothes gets frustrating or difficult, you might try labeling items with NameLabelsForClothes&Shoes. For perfectly matched outfits, you may want to try identifying paired clothing items use BlankLabels that comes with a laundry safe pen.

Walk in tub

Some people simply enjoy the experience of a tub bath and others may count on a hot bath for pain relief and therapy. But getting in and out of a traditional tub may be too difficult or dangerous as you age. A large percentage of injuries occur in the bathroom. Using a walk in tub may be your solution.

A great resource to find a walk in tub, elderly tubs, and wheelchair transfer bathtubs, roll in showers and grab bars is Aging Safely Baths & More. They ship to all 50 states and Canada, and don’t charge for freight to the continental U.S. They have some of the highest quality aging in place bathing products on the market. Several of their bath products are independently tested and certified by third party organizations. Hydrotherapy walk in tubs and wheelchair accessible showers can be an essential part to living independently. The elderly and those with disabilities can have difficulty using traditional style bathtubs and may potentially benefit from a lower step in style bathing appliance. Fortunately these wonderful products can be installed into residential homes and commercial locations. Several of the bathtubs offered are made in the U.S.A and are fully ADA complaint. Standard options can include ADA compliant stainless steel safety grab bars, 17” tall built in seats, temperature control devices and padded seat cushions. Warm air hydrotherapy is another option that’s extremely popular. Bathers have the option of enjoying powerful whirlpool type water jets, or warm air hydrotherapy jets, which are tiny air bubbles that massage the body. Furthermore, some bathers may desire to use dual jetting and experience both jet types at the same time. Having a hydrotherapy bath at home can be a great investment. Having the option to enjoy hydrotherapy any time you choose, may be just what you’ve been looking for! No harsh chemicals are required. Simply add water and enjoy!

Mention Discount Code: SS0562 for instant savings. http://www.Agingsafelybaths.com

Aging safely baths can help prevent a major injury due to a slip or fall associated with mobility and balance issues.

Lift Chairs

This product was a huge help for my father. As his condition degraded, getting in and out of a chair became an impossible task. In order for Dad to keep his independence and continue enjoying daily life in the family room with his loved ones, myself included, a lift chair was needed and it worked like a charm. After using one during rehabilitation following heart surgery, my father-in-law has already started asking for one too!  If you have never tried this product, you are missing out on a great home care product.  Find some lift chairs at the below top ranked retailer(s).

Free Shipping on orders over $50. Regain your freedom. Find scooters, wheelchairs, lift chairs and more.




Mobility aids provide the freedom and independence for individuals with restricted movement.  But they rely on ramps to allow access to your home, throughout your home and even to provide the flexibility of going to other places.  Incorporation of aids at home to make use of these devices safe and feasible at home, you may consider use of ramps that can vary from mere threshold access to primary residence entry. Some retailers with highly rated ramps and related products are listed below.

  • The Wright Stuff offers EZ – Access 8 FT Suitcase Ramp Signature SS8 that is flexible and collapsible with non-breakable handles to offer convenient carrying and a comfortable grip. The 800 lb weight capacity allows the ramp to safely support power scooters, power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs.

Limited Reach

If you are no longer able to reach clothes, food or dishes due to limited movement or dependence on a wheelchair, you can modify your closet or kitchen cabinet to accommodate this limitation. Find product(s) aid to modify your home at the reailer(s) below.

  • Pull Down Closet Rods, CPDR Series from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. The rods are side mounted, and come in 3 sizes which raise and lower for easy access to hanged clothes. The pull rod adjusts from 34″ to 50″ in lengths.

Balance Issues

Balance issues are dangerous and can impact your independence.  Dad had horrible balance due to poor circulation and feeling in his feet and ultimately loss of strength and mobility.  Walkers, canes, and transport chairs can help keep your on your feet and prevent those falls that can cause injury.  I cannot adequately stress the importance of having their correct balance aids on hand.  Falls can be the difference between aging and place and experiencing an injury that requires a move into an assisted living facility.  While a move may be inevitable, on a case by case basis, staying at home as long as possible is the goal.

Balance issues are not only a problem as you walk.  That sudden loss of balance when reaching for items too high or too low and even as you get in and out of a tub or shower can lead to an injury.  Pull down rods (Rockler product in above Limited Reach section), pull down shelves, pull out shelves, and pinch grabbers help you reach with ease.  And like myself, you may love the feeling of a hot shower. It is relaxing and refreshing. But getting in and out of the shower can be quite dangerous for those with limited mobility and balance, especially when your home only has a tub/shower combination unit. A transfer bench was the perfect solution for my father. Dad was able to continue enjoying that hot shower. I highly recommend this product which can be found at the top retailers below.

  • Elder Depot offers twelve separate transfer bench designs sure to meet your specific needs and desired features.

Products to Assist with Aging

  • The Medical Supply Depot.com offers both standard transfer benches and aDrive Medical 12011KDC-1. The nine standard transfer benches come with a variety of different features to meet individual requirements. The combination plastic transfer bench by Drive Medical combines two products in one: a durable and secure transfer bench and convenient commode.


Maintaining your health is critical. Making sure you can utilize your kitchen effectively for making meals and/or being able to eat your healthy meals and keeping the room as germ free as possible is a primary factor in maintaining good health. Find great products at the fine companies below.

  • In addition to the “artificial intelligence”, Nine Stars DZT-80-4 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can, 21.1-Gallon has odor control, offers seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs with touch-free operation, water resistant infrared motion sensor detects motion within inches of sensor range, super size capacity with wide opening for more friendly use Sleek design makes your environment a one of kind, and has an energy saving technology keeps battery life 20% longer.

  • TheWright-Stuff.com has a wide variety of products to assist those with arthritis including a GripWare Scooper Plate, Easy Grip Jar & Bottle Opener, Gloss 5 Piece Knork Flatware Set, Melaware Cutlery, a Rocker Knife, and Easi-Grip Bread Knife, to mention a few.The Wright Stuff


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