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One of the most important considerations for aging in place is home safety.  The areas of home safety concern vary depending on your own situation.  So a thorough assessment of your home, personal needs, and lifestyle is important.  A wide variety of home safety products, from the bathroom, the bedroom, and for your balance, are available for those who wish to stay at home as they age.  Some recommended home safety products from highly rated retailer(s) are below.

Electric Cigarette (Electronic Cigarettes)

Some individuals have smoked for many years and found quitting personally difficult, if not impossible.  But traditional cigarettes can introduce a huge health and safety hazard.  In fact, a relative of mine fell asleep smoking and caught the den chair on fire.  We were extremely lucky to get the chair out of the door before the fire spread.  You can remove that potential fire hazard of traditional cigarettes by transitioning to electronic cigarettes.  You still get the nicotine without the danger.  This innovative product is a new trend for all smokers, especially older adults.  Try electric cigarettes at the highly rated retailer(s) below.

      • Green Smoke – Experience the new sensation and stay safer in the process.  Benefits to Green Smoke electronic cigarettes include:

No risk of fire – Because Green Smoke® electronic cigarette are powered by rechargeable batteries, there is no flame or associated risk of fire.

No offensive odors – Green Smoke® e-cigarettes emit a fresh scent, unlike traditional cigarettes that leave an offensive odor on your breath, clothing, furniture, and car.

No ash or cigarette butts – Enjoy smoking without the messy ash or piles of cigarette butts to dispose of.

Cheaper than traditional cigarettes – Each Green Smoke® cartomizer is equivalent to approximately a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes in smoke volume. This is a significant saving compared to the price of cigarettes in most states.

Rich flavor – Green Smoke® FlavorMax™ cartomizers stand out for their smooth, rich, long-lasting taste.

High smoke volume – Green Smoke® e-cigarettes emit a thick, rich vapor that resembles cigarette smoke, without the offensive odor.

Large variety of flavors – Green Smoke® electronic cigarettes offer a large selection of full-bodied flavors including Absolute Tobacco™, Red Label Tobacco™, Tobacco Gold™, Menthol Ice™, Vanilla Dreams™, Mocha Mist™ and Smooth Chocolate™.

Large selection of nicotine strengths – Choose your desired nicotine level. Our FlavorMax™ cartomizers range from 2.4% nicotine all the way down to zero nicotine.

No lighter – There is no need to light up; simply charge your Green Smoke® battery, twist on a cartomizer and you are ready to go.

Easy to use – To smoke our e-cigarettes, simply screw a cartomizer onto a charged battery and smoke as you would a traditional cigarette.

High quality product – We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality electronic cigarettes.

Great customer service – Our company stands out for our friendly and professional customer service department, known as one of the best in the industry.

Identity Protection

Senior citizens are perceived as easy targets for criminals.  Whether it be due to the lowering of defenses, being overly trusting, or not taking into consideration proper precautions, crimes against senior citizens are on the rise.  One very easy and low cost way to help protect your identify is use of a shredder for applications with your name on it, personal information, or account information.  It only takes a few minutes but can help protect your identity and your financial accounts.

        • Amazon Shredder – Shredding personal information is an important first step in identity theft protection. In fact, most identity theft cases occur after personal information has been lost or stolen. Everything from bank or credit card statements to pay stubs and even correspondence between your doctors change hands frequently, and when they fall into the wrong ones, the results could be disastrous.  And seniors are often easy targets.  Protect yourself now.

Medical ID

If you experience a medical emergency, it is critical that responders and medical care professionals have knowledge of any allergies or other medical conditions that could impact decisions regarding your care.  Wearing a medical ID product can make that information immediately clear.

Emergency responders are trained to look for a medical ID. If you are wearing a medical ID, it will be found and used to improve the speed and accuracy of your treatment.  But a medical ID is not just for emergencies.  They could prevent a trip to the hospital, reduce unnecessary hospital admissions and prevent minor emergencies from becoming a major or even life threatening event.

Find some basic and even fashion designer medical ID products at the below providers.

Medical Alert System

It is hard to get peace of mind when there is concern over your safety or that of your loved one.  Such concern also impacts your independence when you become fearful to leave home or that a phone will not be readily available should there be an emergency.  An elderly friend of mine fell down a staircase and was unable to seek help.  It took over a day before her daughter became concerned and found her on the floor, injured from the fall.  She now has a medical alert necklace and once again has a sense of  security.  Medical alert systems can provide the safety and security  you need as well.

          • Alert1 Medical Alert Systems: This medical alert system has been recommended by Consumer Affairs. Flexible service plans. Clear pricing and terms. Friendly and reliable.

          • Medical Guardian – Medical Guardian stands apart from other medical alert systems is their quality handling f calls and the people it employs to take those calls. All staff members who work in Medical Guardian’s medical alert monitoring centers are 911 certified.

Home Security System

Seniors can become a target for thieves.  Tracking schedules can be easier, their trust can be easily violated, and their ability to defend themselves reduced.  And as you become an easier target, fear can grow.  And what if there is a fire?  If you are hearing impaired, you may not hear the alarm.  Does you medication make you sleep so deeply that you are afraid a fire alarm will not awaken you?  Living with fear is  no way to live.  Take away that fear by installing an home security system.  Intruder alarm, fire alarm and panic button options are available on may home security systems.  The alarm will sound giving you time to react.  But should you not have time or cannot react, no worries.  The home security system automatically contacts the appropriate emergency service and help will be on he way.  you can get these services from the highly rated service provider(s) below.

Self Defense Spray

Brownells.com offers a variety of defense products.  Older adults can certainly learn self defense using only what they were born with, meaning their hands and feet.  But a self defense spray, like pepper spray or mace, can really be of great help.  This is especially true if you are attacked by someone much bigger, stronger and faster than yourself.  Self defense sprays (pepper spray and mac) are great for safety when out and about or for use as self protection in your home.  Self defense sprays are easy to use and very effective.  And there is no danger of a fatal accident should someone unintentionally activate the device.  Some self defense spray bottles are designed to minimize the potential for accidental activations.  But it is always smart to get training in the appropriate use of any self defense product.

          • 1 Gram Key Chain Release Units: These unassuming ‘mini’ sprays are ideal for carrying in a shirt pocket, boot, vehicle or for hand-held concealment for close-in encounters. Their size is small, but the effects are big!  The Flip-Top Spring: Simply put your finger or thumb under the top, it rises easily with a spring, and depress the button for a powerful blast.
          • Street Defender OC Aerosol Protection: Hand-held “pepper spray” device lets you blast  2 million Scoville Heat Units of incapacitating Oleoresin Capsicum.  A release button, require two distinct movements to discharge the spray, but reduces the likelihood of accidental discharge.  This product comes in a convenient key ring design lets you carry it on the go.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is odorless but it can be very deadly.  And you will never even be aware of the danger.  If the carbon monoxide level is high enough, you will just go to sleep and never wake up.  There are two primary sources for carbon monoxide in the home: combustion of fuel for heating and cooking.  This can create a problem if the appliances are used for long periods of time or if they are not used properly. Gas ranges are not intended to be used to heat the home so never consider them as a heating source. Some other common sources of carbon monoxide include improperly vented fuel burning space heaters and indoor use of charcoal, which should NEVER be done!

Carbon monoxide may accumulate in the home when a blocked chimney, broken chimney flue, or damaged furnace heat exchanger allows gas from a gas fireplace to enter the home. It can also enter the home from the garage when an automobile, lawn mower, or other engine is in operation and there is not proper ventilation. Back drafting chimneys and flues, most often caused by tightly sealed homes, may allow combustion gases, including carbon monoxide, to enter your home.

Since there are several ways gases can accumulate in your home, use of a carbon monoxide detector is a really good idea.  Find some carbon monoxide detectors below.

Other Poisonous Gas Detection

While an uncommon occurrence, natural gas line leaks can be extremely dangerous. The most obvious sign of a natural gas line leak is the familiar rotten egg smell. This odor is intentionally added to the natural gas so it can be detected in the event of a leak. The most dangerous risk of a gas leak is an explosion. When natural gas builds up in an enclosed area, it becomes extremely volatile.  As your senses could be dampened as you age and your level of awareness less acute, installing a natural gas detector can provide peace of mind.  You can find detectors at the below retailer(s).

Automatic Appliance and Electric Outlet

Have you found yourself distracted after you started a task?  Have you ever burned something while cooking?  I have.  And so did my mother-in-law the day she completely forgot a pot was on the stove and the kitchen caught on fire.  Thank goodness the fire was put out quickly.  But the event made us all aware that should there be a next time, we might not be as lucky.  If memory and concentration are a growing problem, cooking can certainly be more hazardous.  But that does not mean you can no longer maintain your independence.  But you might consider some additional safety products like an automatic appliance such as a shut off stove.  The below website offers an outlet that can address this concern.

Forgetting to turn something off is not only possible but likely.  While many household items do not introduce a hazard, such as your television, others do.  My neighbor had visitor who left a coffee pot running that eventually set the house on fire.   Thankfully no one was hurt but the house was almost a total loss.  An auto shut off outlet can be installed to prevent this type of accident.  The link below can be used to obtain an auto shut off outlet.

Walk in Tubs

Walk in tubs are not only a convenience but also a product that can prevent you from slipping or losing your balance.  A large percentage of injuries occur in the bathroom.  So making the decision to install a walk in tub can potentially prevent a major injury.

A great resource to check out for walk in tubs, elderly tubs, and wheelchair transfer bathtubs, roll in showers and grab bars is Aging Safely Baths & More. They ship to all 50 states and Canada, and don’t charge for freight to the continental U.S. They have some of the highest quality aging in place bathing products on the market. Several of their bath products are independently tested and certified by third party organizations. Hydrotherapy walk in tubs and wheelchair accessible showers can be an essential part to living independently. The elderly and those with disabilities can have difficulty using traditional style bathtubs and may potentially benefit from a lower step in style bathing appliance. Fortunately these wonderful products can be installed into residential homes and commercial locations. Several of the bathtubs offered are made in the U.S.A and are fully ADA complaint. Standard options can include ADA compliant stainless steel safety grab bars, 17” tall built in seats, temperature control devices and padded seat cushions. Warm air hydrotherapy is another option that’s extremely popular. Bathers have the option of enjoying powerful whirlpool type water jets, or warm air hydrotherapy jets, which are tiny air bubbles that massage the body. Furthermore, some bathers may desire to use dual jetting and experience both jet types at the same time. Having a hydrotherapy bath at home can be a great investment. Having the option to enjoy hydrotherapy any time you choose, may be just what you’ve been looking for! No harsh chemicals are required. Simply add water and enjoy the therapeutic affect of walk in tubs!

Mention Discount Code: SS0562     for instant savings.  http://www.Agingsafelybaths.com

Aging safely baths can help prevent a major injury due to a slip or fall associated with mobility and balance issues.

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