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Great Gift Ideas

For those whom have reached a point where daily activities are more difficult, and they have accumulated gifts from over the years, you may consider purchasing a gift that is practical as well as thoughtful. If you are having a difficult time thinking of the perfect gift for seniors to give your loved one or friend, then stop stressing. Here are the 10 best gifts for seniors.

Audio Books Audio books make a great gift for someone with vision issues. Find some great selections at Audio Book.  The audio book can be accompanied by an inexpensive CD player if they do not already own one. Inexpensive and reliable CD players are available.  Shop Online at BestBuy.com or Walmart.com.
Chocolate Studies show that chocolate may help improve brain health and thinking in the elderly. A gift of fine chocolates or even some favorite candy bars are great gifts for any occasion.  You may want to try Lake Champlain Chocolate which has a large variety and use organic products.
Coffee/Tea (with goodies) A selection of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, with cookies or biscotti for dunking is a great winter-time gift. Or you might prefer a delicious baked good from WolfermansPeets sells a nice selection of coffees and teas.  Although a bit costly, Keurig K-Cup Home Brewer is a great gift.   My father-in-law was appreciative at first and now cannot imagine life without one!  These single-cup coffee makers are especially convenient for someone who will not use a multiple cup pot of coffee, someone who is living alone or in a small senior apartment or room.
Cookies Homemade or freshly baked cookies are a treat and bring back memories of home. Making cookies from an elder’s family recipe can bring back fond memories.  If you prefer to buy some, check out Mrs. Fields Gifts and DavidsCookies are excellent choices for the cookie lover. davidscookies.comMrs. Fields
DVD Collection of Old TV   Shows

Seniors often love those oldies but goodies.  Why not give them DVDs of their   favorite old TV shows or movies?   While Movies Unlimited website is a little difficult to navigate, it has a huge selection of oldies available.   You may include a low cost DVD player if your family member or friend does not already have one.  You can find some affordable and liable products.  Shop Online at BestBuy.com and Amazon Blue Ray Players

Food Gifts Food gifts are often welcome because it is often difficult for the elderly to shop. Keep in mind any dietary restrictions that your friend or family member may have. Also, remember that if a food gift is perishable, a small quantity is best, unless you know they plan to immediately share the food with others.  Mom’sMeals and Magic Kitchen both offer a wide range of home cooked meals ready for delivery to your front door.  Shop MagicKitchen.com for tasty & healthy prepared soups, main courses, desserts & more delivered directly to your home.  Full, delicious home cooked meals, individual or on a schedule, are delivered frozen and ready to  warm and eat at you convenience.  Try it and have a dinner delivered to your home or that of a friend of loved one!   Wine – research has suggested that wine may be heart healthy for seniors if used in moderation. Not sure what kind of wine to get? The 2005 Hahn Estates Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon is rated as one of Food and Wine’s best American red wines for under $15, and it rates on   the Top 67 Best American Wines list as well.MagicKitchen.com 150 x100 logo banner

A gift of fresh seasonal fruit is a tasty and healthy treat, especially for older people who may no longer cook as often.  Send Fresh Fruit Today! Hale Groves offers a wonderful variety of gift baskets.

Books/Game Books Collections of pencil games are often an inexpensive, fun pastime and mentally healthy gift option. Many come in large print versions.  Books a Million carries large print books or you might opt for a magazine subscription from Amazon for Reader’s Digest and Guideposts and other great books for personal enjoyment.  You may also want to order a subscription to a magazine that offers a large print edition. Or if you friend or family member is one of the growing number of people who use an electronic book, you might consider buying them a book from eBooks.com.  If you need a tablet, find great options at Tablets.  The below 9″ version has a larger screen for easier reading but is still affordable.
Gift Baskets and Custom Gifts Out of ideas? You can make a personalized gift by putting together a gift basket of their favorite things. Gift baskets are a great choice because they are not only useful, but they show that you were thinking of them and their unique interests.  Let the senior’s hobbies and interests guide you in putting together the pefect gift basket.  Lowes, Amazon, and local hobby stores provide many choices for yarn, needle work, knitting, quilting and more. 

Prepaid Phone Cards and Gift Certificates

Most senior citizens live on a fixed income and money is a constant concern. One of the best gifts for senior citizens is a gift card, a PrePaid Phone Card or Gift Certificate.   Almost every retail store now offers gift cards. Make a personalized gift for your family member or loved one using gift cards from their favorite stores, restaurants, and/or service providers.  Below is a link to an AT&T card.  Review under way for other options from quality providers.

Gifts to Warm the Body

Seniors are often colder than younger people, so some of the best gifts for senior citizens include gifts to keep them warm. Some great ideas include blankets, electric blankets, fleece cover ups, Snuggies, slipper socks with non slip treads on the bottom, blanket throws and hats.  You can find most of if not all of these items online at Walmart.com. If you are looking for something more personal, Giami.com not only offers many of these apparel items, but for those who focus on green initiatives, Giami products are eco-friendly.  Want to make the gift even more personal, you might consider persoalthrows.com.  You provide your favorite picture or pictures and the use the images of a soft fleece throw.  Walmart.com also has a wonderful Dearfoam Plush Fleece Shorty Robe.


Turn those favorite photos into a thick, warm fleece throw.  My Dad absolutely loved his.  We had a six panel throw made from his six favorite travel pictures from Europe!

In-Home Services A gift that senior citizens care benefit from is pre-paying for in home services they need but may not be able to afford to pay for themselves. In home services that are perfect for gifting to senior citizens include housekeeping, cooking, lawn care, errand running, barbers and hairdressers.  Look for local businesses in your telephone directory.  I suggest you also check BBB if you do not have confidence or knowledge in the company offering services in your area.
Independent Living Aids Many seniors need help with the tasks of daily living due to increased health related limitations.   Some of the best gifts for senior citizens are items which help them retain their independence and continue to enjoy their hobbies.  Active Forever online store has a great variety of products.  For products that assist with performing everyday activities, such as electric scissors, opener for pull-tab soda cans, soups and pet food, jar opener, electric can opener, oversize sipper pulls, button hooks, long shoe   horn, elastic shoe laces to convert tie shoes to slip ones, long handled comb and brush, and a pen with light touch are some ideas, walkers, wheelchairs, canes, lifts, bed rails, and many go to Arthritis Supplies, TheWright-Stuff.com and Elder Depot.ArtrhtisSupplies.com WrightStuff.bizProducts to help Care for an Aging Loved One


Jigsaw Puzzles You can find jigsaw puzzles at many sites online at Walmart.com.  When traditional puzzles become more difficult to complete, Amazon offers a variety of jigsaw puzzles with large pieces making it easier for arthritic hands and for those with limited vision.
Lap Desk A lap desk is a great gift for senior citizens. A lap desk can be used to hold reading materials, meals or beverages, for writing letters or to hold a lap top computer.   TheWright-Stuff.com has a very affordable Quick Desk that serves as the perfect writing, eating or reading surface.
MP3 Player

MP3 players music in very small device which is perfect when space is an issue and/or mobility is desired.  Generic MP3 players are quite inexpensive and can be purchased at department stores or online at sites such as Walmart.com and Amazon.  Large screen players that accommodate poor vision, such as the Sandisk FUZE, are more expensive than generic MP3 players and can also be found on Amazon  – SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black) or SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 8 GB MP3 Player (Black). A gift of a player with their favorite music preloaded can brighten an older person’s day and makes the player easier to use.

Vision Aids Oversized products such as calculator, jumbo timer, large magnifying glass or full page magnifier for books, magnifier for sewing machine, inexpensive aids for hand free reading and be found at MaxiAids.com.
Senior Exercise Videos

Senior citizens can enjoy the benefits of exercise through videos made especially for them.   Sit and Be Fit is a great senior exercise video focusing on core strengthening, flexibility, balance, agility, circulation and range of motion created especially for seniors.  Some great products are available at Amazon Exercise videos for seniors (you may look at Easy Does it Getting Started, Stronger Seniors and Chair Yoga which are three highly rated options).  These low impact exercises and balance exercises are not only fun but help keep you fit and healthy.

Tickets to Performances

For elderly people on fixed incomes, tickets to films, live theater, and concerts are often more than they can afford. A gift of tickets is a special gift.  TicketNetwork.com and TicketBiscuit are four web sites that provide tickets for various type events scheduled across the US.

TicketNetwork.com gets you in.

Unique Inspirational Gift Consider a touching gift creatively designed and featuring moving words.  Or pick a book with inspirational words and pictures.  Some beautiful selections can be found at Healing Baskets (Healing Baskets provides gifts to comfort and support the broken hearted. From sympathy, and loss to cancer, get well, divorce and caregiving. Our gifts encourage, comfort and inspire).
Flowers Researchers at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, released the results of a six-month behavioral study on the health effects of flowers on senior citizens. The study demonstrates that flowers ease depression, inspire social networking and refresh memory as we age.  Lift up your family or friend by have flowers delivered, buy an arrangement and make a surprise visit, or even buy seeds or bulbs so they can enjoy flowers for years to come.

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