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Home Health Products and Medical Supplies


Each person has unique needs and therefore seek specific home health products and medical supplies that can help.  You may have issues with incontinence, need diagnostic equipment on a daily basis, or are just looking for products to help you with activities of daily living.  Well you are in luck.  The options and enormous!  So stay comfortable and maintain your independence by visiting the below highly rated retailers.  They offer a wide range of general home health products and medical supplies that can be delivered directly to your home!

Medical Supply Depot

  • Elder Depot provides innovative and helpful products to improve the life of seniors and equip caregivers with product solutions such as those that are designed to address incontinence issues.

Incontinence Products

  • Enablemart –  Innovative technology-based products and services that encourage independence, enhance productivity, and enhance the lives of individuals with physical limitations

Finding it difficult to do the simple things like getting dressed in the morning?  You may not have major issues with arthritis, but bending and grabbing can be hard for many reasons.  Make those tasks easy once again by using products specifically designed to help those facing such challenges.  Long shoe horns and sock/hose aids are the perfect solutions.


A large percentage of older adults have some level of arthritis.  And arthritis only gets worse with time.  My fingers are already taking on a form of their own, and its not a pretty picture!  But it goes with the territory.  I would rather find ways to deal with my limitations than have them control me.  For some, the arthritis progresses to the point where the ability to accomplish daily activities becomes difficult.  Find some great home health products and medical supplies that are specifically tailored for those who suffer from debilitating arthritis at the quality retailer(s) below.


Hearing Aids

Why suffer in silence?  My dad needed to consider hearing aids but was reluctant to do anything about it.  After he took the leap and went shopping for hearing aids, Dad’s ability to interface with others and participate in group activities improved dramatically!   In today’s modern society and high tech world, there are some wonderful hearing aids that can help you too.  Based on your specific need and personal preference, some highly rated hearing aids can be found at HearPod and Hearmore using the below links.

Products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - click here



Visually Impaired

For many people, failing vision begins early.  Take a look at the number of forty year old adults who wear reading glasses.  But as you become more visually impaired over time, it can not only be frustrating but dangerous as well.  Surprisingly, it is not usually the expected dangers but due to lack of awareness to keep everything in its expected place.  And when even the smallest changes are made, include them in the decision to be sure reorganization takes their preference into consideration.  Now that your environment is structured for ease of living, some great products designed specifically for the visually impaired can help even more.  From safety lights for walkers, to large print keyboards and phones, to talking watches, home health products can reduce the challenges for those visually impaired and  can be found at the top rated retailer(s) below.  Was sewing and needlework a hobby of the past due to impaired vision, you can even find sewing aids!  You will be surprised at the many available  options.

MaxiAids.com offering independent living products for blindness, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, disabled, challenged - click here

Anti Aging/Digestive/General Health

We cannot stop Father time, but there are some great anti-aging products that can slow down the impacts on our physical appearance.  According to the Woman’s Health Net, Skinception Argon Oil is not only helps reduce crow’s feet but also heals acne, eczema and psoriasis, helps remove stretch marks and can be used as a leave in conditioner to tame and repair damaged hair!  But Skinception has products that are specifically designed to help in other ways other than anti-aging.   If you are concerned about your skin, digestive health, have difficulties sleeping, have hair growth issues or seek products for overall health, you may be interested in trying the products below.

      • Joint Relief Solution – Joint Relief Solution is an all-natural supplement for men and women who live with joint pain on an ongoing basis. There are no drugs required, nor steroid injections.


      • Eye Elasticity – Eyelasticity is an effective solution for men and women who want a non-invasive anti-aging product to erase crow’s feet, fine lines and dark circles.



      • Pigmentation Neutralizer – With it’s dermaceutically advanced formulation, Illuminatural 6i® helps you to achieve that flawless, air-brushed, ivory-toned complexion that we all want – WITHOUT the potential risks, costs, or frightening side effects associated with your other skin lightening treatment options.


      • IBS Relief – IBS Treatment System is scientifically formulated to restore harmony to your digestive system, with enzymes, probiotics and a fiber-rich supplement with the super-food chia that restore balance and health.  Find your IBS treatment solution here!


      • Hair Growth Inhibitor – Ultra Hair Away™ hair inhibitor frees both men and women from the painful and costly process of waxing, electrolysis, sugaring or laser. Ultra Hair Away™ progressively and naturally STOPS unwanted hair growth, through enzyme technology




      • Kollagen Anti-Aging Treatment – Encourages your skin to naturally increase collagen production for a visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and more.
      • Skinception Argan Oil – Argan oil anti-aging product dramatically boosts moisture retention, increases collagen and elastin production, strengthens your skin’s barrier function, includes an impressive series of healing agents, and more!

As you get older, resistance to disease and illness may begin to degrade.  Age itself is not the only factor.  Medical conditions and medications can also reduce your resistance to disease and illness.  Make your home safer with hospital grade cleanser now available to the general public. PuracleenRx and other sanitizing products can be safe and effective against sickness and disease such as Flu, staph, MRSA and HIV and other dangerous germs and viruses.

 Home Care Staple Recommendations

Headrest, memory foam, urinal, bed pad, rubber gloves, staple products, home care products, what to have on hand, common products used for home care, home care products, age in place products, indepdendent living productsThe below list provides a summary of recommended staple products that are great to have on hand. Your specific situation may lead to a much longer or shorter list. What we found was that with good days and bad days, we were happy to have certain home care items on hand for the occasional need. The list is based on items commonly used on a daily basis by seniors as their needs increase as they age in place.

Home Care Product Rationale
Long handled bathing brush Reaching those hard to get to areas
Bed rail Prevents accidentally fall
Bed/chair pads When getting up fast enough can be a challenge
Memory foam head rest If you are sitting or laying more often, having proper support is important
Cane Have a cane on hand for those more difficult days
Cold pack Medication, over exertion, that occasional fall may need a cold pack
Fire suppressant A less secure grip, forgetfulness, or distractions can increase the chance for a small kitchen fire
GPS (programmed with your most frequented locations) There is no reason to worry about getting where you need to go. Forgetfulness can come and go and get worse without you realizing it. Why not have a GPS on hand that has your frequented destinations pre-programmed.
Grab bars It only takes a second. And the affects can be devastating. Get grab bars installed anywhere balance can be more of an issue.
Grabber Bending and reaching get harder and harder. When you need to reach something and just aren’t sure about your ability to get it safely, use a grabber.
Heating pad Sore muscles and joints and even the aches and pains that come with an occasional fall can be relieved with a soother heating pad.
Incliner Foam Wedge Comfort in sitting, in a car or at home, can become an issue. Use of an incliner foam wedge can minimize the stress.
Jar opener This item helps with creaky joints and arthritis challenges.
Depends Having those little accidents can be embarrassing. My parents faced the difficult decision of making the transition and never looked back. No more embarrassing situations!
Moveable side table for chair As mobility decreased, you may find yourself in a chair more often. Depending on your home design and furniture, a small side table that has the flexibility to extend over the arm of the chair was a perfect decision for us. You might find the same benefit as we did.
Non-skid slipper socks Falling is a huge issue when balance become an issue. Wearing non-skid slipper socks when not wearing no-skid slippers is a must.
Pill organizer The number of pills you take is likely growing. And remembering the specifics of each can be confusing. Use of a pill organizer can minimize critical errors in taking medication.
Plastic gloves As medical needs increase and incontinence grows, having plastic gloves on hand is just a good idea.
Raised toilet seat Whether you have general issues with bending, arthritis, or bad knees, use of a raised toilet seat eliminate that challenge in the bathroom.
Sock Assist Reaching, gripping and pulling can get harder and harder. Get help with a sock assist product.
Telephone amplifier Friends and family will quickly worry if you cannot be reached. If hearing has begun to fail or you need to hear the phone on a first ring to reach the receiver in time, use of an amplifier can help.
Urinal That sudden need to go and the body’s reluctance to cooperate can be addressed by having a urinal on hand, just in case.
Water resistant under pants If you are not ready for depends but the chance of a little accident is possible, water resistant under pants may be just want you need.
Wireless Key finder Where did I put the keys? Worry no more. Products are now available to locate your keys within a defined area.

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