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Independent Living Support Services

Home Cleaning and Maid ServicesStudies show that the more engaged seniors stay with normal activities of daily living, the better.  However, there are times, or even certain activities, when you require support to remain self sufficient.  Many providers offer support services that do not require a contract and may be used on an as needed basis.  Since many of the support services for independent living are available through local companies, it is a good idea to obtain referrals from people you trust.  If you live in the Huntsville, Alabama area, SeniorString offers Angel Care services to help you age in place and maintain your independence.  The Better Business Bureau is also a good resource for checking on the quality of support services options each provide.  You can perform a search of support service providers at http://cencal.bbb.org/find-business-reviews/.

An assessment of your home and lifestyle should include services that may be needed for independent living.  Some services make your home safer, others fill in where your may have limitations, while others are for added convenience.  And there are countless services available in most areas.

A few services commonly used by independent living seniors as the need for assistance increases are listed below:

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Category of Need Services for Seniors Rationale
Safety Services Medical Alert System Needed when medical emergency response is a real possibility
Intruder/Fire Alarm Needed for personal safety and security
Fall Alert Need for those with limited balance
Medical Services Rehabilitation Needed by those who can benefit and improve for professions rehabilitation services
Medical Supply Inventory For those who are reliant on a number of supplies and may not have the time, energy, or mental acuity to ensure the proper inventory is on hand.
Medicine Reminder Anyone taking medicine that is critical for daily health and has issues with memory can benefit from a reminder service, some of which are free and/or available as a mobile application
Maintenance Lawn Service Even when yard work can be performed, it may not be a good idea in extreme temperatures.  Full or part time services are available in most areas.
Car Maintenance Not everyone has the knowledge of when and what car maintenance is required.  If you have transportation limitations, even on occasion, many areas offer mobile services.Car maintenance, home maintenance, and lawn service are only a few home services that help seniors aging in place.
Home Maintenance (chimney   sweep, HVAC annual check, air filters, H20 filters, refrigerator filters For the safety and proper maintenance of your home, be sure to get these services done if you are not able to perform them yourself.
House Cleaning You may have times when general house cleaning is too difficult.  It is important to keep your house clutter free and clean for overall health.  Full or temporary services are available.
Financial Services Bill Pay Math and financial matters get more difficult over time.  While my parents lived safety and happily in their home, I have helped them with their checkbook, tax returns, and all other financial matters for years.  Sometimes just for a sanity check.  But help here can certainly provide peace of mind.
Tax Returns Tax software is available but it can get confusing.  To prevent the potential of an unwanted audit, help with tax returns is a good idea.
Insurance Claims There are many details associated with insurance claims, especially when there is a discrepancy.  Help in filling out forms and settling discrepancies is an area many seniors would appreciate.
Financial Planning Getting a professional to help with financial planning can make the difference between a care free retirement and a stressful one.  They know the tax implications, market tendencies, and other details that is foreign to most of us.  I strongly suggest working with a qualified and highly recommended professional.
Reverse Mortgage This type of loan can be a lifesaver but should  only be used as a last resort.  Be sure to do your homework before obtaining a reverse mortgage.
Insurance Car Insurance You may have your car paid off, but liability is a must.  It only takes one accident to destroy your retirement without proper coverage.
Life Insurance What they say is true.  A typical funeral does take over $7,000.  If you have planned for retirement appropriately, a large life insurance policy is not needed.  Just be sure you have access to liquid asset for burial that does not impact the overall cost of your retirement.
Transportation Services Handy-Ride A handy-ride service is available in many areas.  I suggest checking into the security and safety of your public transportation system.  But there are often special services for seniors and special need that should be safe.
General Independent Living Services Shopping When you have limited transportation
Mobile Veterinary Care When you have limited transportation
Age in Place Specialist To help with effective home design and planning
Home Delivered Meals To ensure you maintain a healthy daily diet
Social/Dating for Seniors An opportunity to find friends and relationships that make life more fulfilling and enjoyableSenior dating is more possible with senior social networks.
Cellular Phone A cell phone provides added safety to immediate access to family, emergency personnel, or others that rely on immediate contact
Travel Club For enjoyment of all that life has to offer
Grocery Delivery  Some local grocery stores offer delivery services.
Expanded Personal   Care Senior Sitting When situations at home make freedom impossible, get some time  alone or with others away from the stresses of home through use of a senior sitter
Home Care Aide Often requirements at home become too difficult or overwhelming.  Get some help with a home  care aide.
Medicare Home Health Care If you pass qualification criteria, Medicare may pay for your home health care requirements
Long Term Care Insurance There are waiting periods and other qualifying events in most long term care insurance policies.  Once you qualify, there are many services covered by these policies.
Hospice It is devastating to get a terminal diagnosis.  I have been through it too.  But our loved one’s life is not over.  It can continue happily and with a tremendous amount of quality for an extended period of time.  You should be aware that hospice services are typically available for extended periods.  With good days and bad days, help is only a call away.

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