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Age in Place Decision Making Statistics

Documenting Critical Information

Age in Place Checklists

  • List for Assessing Your Level of Need
  • Home Modification Assessment
  • Personal Aid Assessment
  • Service Options for¬†Independent Living

Cost Savings Opportunities

  • Going Green
  • Save Time and Save Money
  • Senior Discounts

Products, Gifts, Services, and Activities for Seniors

  • Products for Seniors Aging in Place
    • Age in Place Household Products
    • Mobility Devices for Seniors
    • Medical Products and Health Products for Aging in Place
    • Safety Products for Aging in Place
    • Recommended Staple Home Care Products
    • Books and Reading for Seniors
  • Great Gifts for Seniors
  • Services for Seniors Aging in Place
  • Common Activities for Seniors

Tax Deductions and Medicare Benefits

  • Tax Information
    • Income Tax Return Considerations
    • Medical Expense Tax Deduction
    • Deducting Home Renovations for Aging in Place
    • Other Tax Benefits of HIPPA
  • Medicare Information
    • Medicare Coverage of Medical Expenses
    • Medicare – Home Health Care
    • Mobility Aids, Hot Water Therapy and Tubs
    • Medicare and Hospice
    • Skilled Nursing Care

Common Medical and Health Issues

  • Common Medical Issues for Seniors
  • Common Health Issues for Seniors
  • Common Medications Taken by Seniors

ABC Computer Guide

De-Clutter and Organize

What Seniors Worry About Most

Top Links for Seniors

Recipes for Seniors with Common Ailment

Expanded Care and Final Care

  • What To Do Following a Death


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